A well-defined workplan will help save costs while facilitating the work of its clients’ employees.
Gestion HB’s specific workplan for facility maintenance, hygiene and sanitation will allow its clients to not only improve the efficiency of their teams, but also to communicate important qualitative results enabling them to identify features and areas to cover (weekly work vs periodical work) and deadlines.
The information systems established by Gestion HB dissect the work needed in order to provide its clients with a precise and structured workplan. This system can easily be installed on a tablet or Smartphone and can act as a task checklist for employees who can then more easily track tasks during inspections.

Once completed, these tasks can then be closed through the system and a report can be sent. Its software can also analyze the time and movements to ensure that the employees have the necessary time to execute their workplan.



  • Time tracking

  • Displacement graphs

  • Automatic alerts

  • Tracking replacement

HBscan is a great tool for building managers who want  to monitor their maintenance and increase their efficiency.

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