Workshop description :

The main objective is to provide participants with an overview of sanitary maintenance audits. Quality control of employees or a service provider is essential to maintain a clean environment. Understanding the results obtained to provide solutions to nonconformities is also a skill to develop. This training workshop is useful for internal auditors who want more tips and for new auditors who need support and knowledge to do so.

Main elements of content :

  • Value of cleanliness and the importance of cleaning

  • Statistics and handwashing

  • Quality control: history

  • An auditor who knows the basics of sanitary maintenance: tools, products and techniques

  • Audits

  • What is an audit? What is an audit for?

  • Types of audits

  • How is an audit done?

  • The most frequent nonconformities and their probable causes

  • An audit is talking to you, listen to it!

  • Make a feedback on an audit with an employee

Learning objectives :

  • To sensitize each of the participants (managers) to the quality controls in a building according to the rules of art (what, how, why)

  • To make managers aware of the notions of hygiene and sanitation

  • How to evaluate the performance of a good provider

  • How to validate if the accessories and equipment are appropriate for our building

  • Interpret an audit in sanitary maintenance

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