In a competitive market and an increased economic change context, our clients are faced with making decisive choices to remain competitive and increase their marketshare. Not only do we offer our clients solutions in order to help structure and plan for the future of your business in hygiene and sanitation, but we also help our clients draw up their strategic vision, carry out  the various relevant choices required, write up the strategic roadmap and prepare its implementation by offering all the necessary tools.

From auditing to the master plan, we ensure success through our expertise and innovative approach in transforming your needs in terms of hygiene and sanitation. 
Furthermore, we assist and advise on the most appropriate IT solutions for quality control through a simple program that provides the manager with real-time reports.


We have developed a quality control program founded on six points in order to standardize the industry: 

  • Organizational Analysis

  • Work map implementation

  • Suitability and validation of plans and quotes

  • Design and improvement of processes

  • Increase productivity

  • Quality Control

Hygiene and sanitation services play a major role in limiting the transmission of infections in the workplace, a role that must be recognized by all managers and stakeholders. An essential element in motivating teams, this recognition must be supported on a daily basis. The development of expertise and knowledge must be facilitated, as it is a prerequisite for the efficiency of health and safety teams.

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