We have developed a quality control program based on five components to standardize service performances:


  • Organizational analysis

  • Inventory control

  • Qualification and validation of plans and specifications

  • Design and process improvements Improvement of productivity



From audits to master plans, Gestion HB provides the keys to success, expertise and innovation in transforming all aspects of hygiene and sanitation.

In addition, Gestion HB provides assistance and advice on the implementation of the most suitable software solutions for quality control, through an easy-to-use program which provides managers with realtime reports.


Flash control makes it possible to quickly obtain a quality index in accordance with the standards. The results are unmanipulable. The reports are stored and available at any time for any authorized person. In conducting regular audits, you will have access to the history records, the results, the quality, the remarks or complaints of each individual property.


Flash control allows us to provide our clients with a in depth audit report, that demonstrates strengths and weaknesses in their sanitation operations, monitors work tendencies and allow us as consultants to help maintain our clients high standards of sanitation and hygiene.

Flash control is a tool that allows Gestion hygiene du Batiment to stand out and excel when the time comes to help their clients meet and exceed sanitation and hygiene benchmarks.

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